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tides of ash

this world is not my home i'm just passing through

14. July 2012



with gisela mah shlut <3

So guise, this is my bestfriend at the premiere for the hunger games a long time ago. i just forgot to upload it. this was about the time when we all started getting bored from waiting in line lmfao
5. May 2012

Stiles: “Oh i’m here to get a man! As many as I can get!”


  • me: hey i just met you
  • harry: what
  • me: and this is crazy
  • harry:
  • me: but youre so sexy
  • harry:
  • me: so have my babies
  • harry: security

  • Katrina Elois Quates: *send a link to a picture of Josh Hutcherson's Jawline*
  • Izziie Rodriguez: omfg
  • i could kiss that jaw alll effing day
  • Katrina Elois Quates: i want his babies. can i just see it in person, i might like, orgy all over, but who cares
  • Izziie Rodriguez: if i ever meet him, i'd be like...can i touch your jaw.
  • Katrina Elois Quates: or your penis
  • Izziie Rodriguez: and kiss it. yeah or your penis.
  • Katrina Elois Quates: i'd kiss that too
  • Izziie Rodriguez: we can have sex if you want. i'm down. we don't need a condom.
  • Katrina Elois Quates: hahaaa omfg we're retarded
  • Izziie Rodriguez: lmfaoooo xDD best chat convo i've ever had. but seriously. lets rape him.
  • Katrina Elois Quates: threesomeeee.