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tides of ash

this world is not my home i'm just passing through

15. September 2012

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Pierce the Veil

Of Mice & Men

Sleeping With Sirens

Hands Like Houses

Bless The Fall

Abandon All Ships

Woe, Is Me

This is my life :)

in all seriousness, can

  • a day to remember
  • sleeping with sirens
  • pierce the veil
  • of mice & men
  • the maine
  • we are the in crowd
  • bring me the horizon
  • I see stars
  • secrets
  • conditions

Just all go on tour together. FORREAL GUYS GET IT TOGETHER

Don’t you ever forget about me. When you toss and turn in your sleep I hope it’s because you can’t stop thinking about the reasons why you close your eyes, I haunt your dreams at night. So you can’t stop thinking about me. Don’t stop thinking about me.

Nobody’s gonna love you if you can’t display a way to capture this. Nobody’s gonna hold your hand & guide you through, no it’s up to you to understand. Nobody’s gonna feel your pain, when all is done & it’s time for you to walk away. When you have today, you should say all that you have to say. 

oh bby


Sleeping With Sirens | Scene Three - Stomach Tied In Knots

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