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tides of ash

this world is not my home i'm just passing through

Selfie Sunday! 😘
My friends are kinda the greatest:) @sunshine_keralyn @tayleralexis3825 #katrinaelois
7. March 2014



And I’m smoking with my girl and we’re ignoring everyone while we scroll through Tumblr and share funny posts with each other… lol

I should have worded this differently… It sounds as if I was saying she is my girlfriend. She’s not. She’s an insanely cool girl, a good friend, and someone I would do anything for.

For anyone who was fucking curious, i see you stalking my shit. Brit is amazing and YOU, stalker of the #katrinaelois tag, can suck a big cock. (Which you probably will, probably not your boyfriend’s either.) Mike is amazing so. Back up :)

Change is good. #katrinaelois
Date night :) #katrinaelois
Win or lose, we’re Bronco Nation! <3 #katrinaelois
Thong Thursday!
Just live the life you love. ❤️#katrinaelois
Stop holdin’ me under & let me breathe. 🎶 #katrinaelois
New Years with the bestest friends ever <3 #hookah #newyears #katrinaelois
Last night with my boo Molly! @whiteflower__ #molly #katrinaelois #hookah #shortieray
Hookah with the bestie <3 @bwoodstockfoto #bubbles #hookah #smoke #katrinaelois
I’m my daddy’s girl :) Rest in Peace, ten years but never gone from my heart. <3
I’m finally standing only own, I won’t be torn down again. ❤️