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tides of ash

this world is not my home i'm just passing through


Jesse Lawson lead guitarist from Sleeping With Sirens| Vans Warped Tour, Irvine 2012
©Stephanie ann 

Jesseeeee <3 I miss your long hair bby

do you know how hard it is to sing while you’re crying? fucking hard as balls

jesse bby just love me pls

This was the first time I ever saw Jesse, with his medium length hair :) <3
Kellin’s acoustic voice makes me cry moree fuckk. :/  they’re so perfect.
& I miss Brandon! OMG brandon <3 

Falling over & over again, from all the words that you have said. 
It’s written on my heart for everyone to see.
From the place I was, to the place I am, to the place I want to be.

For the mountains I’ve been climbing over & under & over.

So tell me how does it feel, how does it feel to be like you?
I think your mouth should be quiet ’cause it never tells the truth.
So tell me, so tell me why, why does it have to be this way? Why can’t things ever change?

No one will truly understand how Sleeping With Sirens saved my life… If I ever meet any of them, I will confess everything. They’re more than just my favorite band, they’re a permanent part of my life now. & I wouldn’t give them up for anything. They saved my life, I owe them a thank you. <3 

jesse &amp; gabe. babess&lt;3
9. April 2012

  1. List of people i want to fuck right now:
  • Kellin Quinn
  • Richard Rogers
  • Brandon Roundtree
  • Alex Howard
  • Christofer Drew Ingle
  • Martin Broda
  • Corey Thomas

That’s it for confession time…